Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Contributor, Game Changer. Orphanie Bégon-Leroy is a young woman determined to have a positive impact in people's lives and to create change in the world.

Thanks to her beloved mother, Orphanie grew up witnessing the strength of a woman who forged her own path and always fought for her convictions until her very last breath. ''Very young, my mother left her small hometown in the South of Haïti and worked her way up, becoming a teacher, a school principal, a playwright, an actress, a government official and published author...How could I not follow in her footsteps and give in to my own creative power?''.

In the same light and eager to promote her culture, Orphanie went on to be crowned Miss Haiti Canada in 2017 and also lent her service for several years as a Creole/French/English interpreter at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada .

It was after seeing a documentary by Chris Rock called ''Good Hair'', that this creative young woman took it upon herself to change the narrative about Black Hair and its portrayal in society. Every woman's story begins as a little girl who once played with a doll. Unfortunately, that doll did not always reflect the child playing with it, and this is especially rings true for little Black and Brown girls.

Orphanie began experimenting and styling dolls' hair following Youtube tutorials, and later founded her company Les Poupées D'Or, whose mission is to raise the self love in children through beautiful afrocentric dolls.

''I noticed there was a lack of positive representation of Black and Brown children in the toy industry, and I wanted to fill that gap.'' she adds. ''I want my daughter to be proud of her natural hair, brown skin and African features. And a doll is the perfect way to teach her that.'' says Orphanie. 

 The key to creating an amazing life for yourself is rooted in a positive self image. With this in mind, Orphanie is committed to building self love in children at an early age. She aims to offer the world unique afrocentric dolls and show the world that beauty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes!