Hello, my name is Imani! My first name means "FAITH" in Swahili, a language spoken in several countries in Africa! My mom tells me that she gave me this name so that I remember that I can accomplish anything if I really really believe it!

I am often told I am like a ray of sunshine because I spread joy wherever I go! I am very funny and I love dancing and singing! What I cherish more than anything is seeing my loved ones smile, specially my best friend Nandi, so I always have a funny story to tell or a kind word to say!

I am very proud of my beautiful, thick curly hair that grows upwards to meet the rays of the sun! I really enjoy trying different hairstyles that I choose according to my mood of the day! When it's sunny, I like to leave my beautiful afro mane, free as air, with a little hair clip on the side! And when the weather is gray or rainy, I prefer to wear my abundant hair up in a high bun on the head, adorned with a beautiful colorful headband.

I also love wearing beautiful dresses in bright colors that complement perfectly  my beautiful brown skin and beautiful brown eyes!
I have not yet decided who I want to become later, but one thing is for sure, I will choose be someone who brings happiness to as many people as possible!