Hello! My name is Nandi, but you can call me Didi! It was my dad who chose this name for me to honor a great African lady, the mother of the great king Shaka Zulu! Dad told me that when I was born he could already see determination in my eyes, and the great Nandi was a very determined woman!

I am a very curious, very adventurous little girl and I love nature very much! I ask a thousands and I never stop learning! I once asked mom and dad ''Why do I have brown skin and brown eyes?'' And that's when I learned that my skin and eyes are that color because I have a lot of melanin! Melanin is a magical little grain that protects me from the sun's UV rays and allows me to repair my DNA! The more melanin we have, the more color in our skin! WOW! It's amazing, isn't it! I just love my beautiful dark skin and my big brown eyes!
I am told very often that I have beautiful hair and I agree! This is one of the things I love the most about me! My hair is like my mom's, abundant and very curly. I can make all kinds of pretty hairstyles by adding pretty colorful accessories and very often I wear beautiful scarves that I match with my beautiful brightly colored dresses!

My friends are not all like me and I know that is because some have less melanin and therefore their color is different! But mom and dad tell me that everyone has qualities that lurk well under the skin and that you shouldn't stop at appearances! I think they are right!